Best Free London Apps


Journey Pro: Is a journey planning app within the UK covering the London Underground, London buses, DLR, Overground, Tramlink, River Service, National Rail, Birmingham Tram, Glasgow Subway and domestic flights.

Don’t forget to use the Tube status widget as most of the tube does not work on the weekend and you will need to plan around that.

tube status for blog

bus mapper

Bus Mapper: Makes you realize that you can plan a bus journey just as easily as a tube journey and that too on the fly. The bus is cheaper then the tube and you get a view instead of being in a dark tunnel.I like to think of the upper deck as first class.


London Underground – This is only really for the underground map because Journey Pro

has too much information you don’t need when you are only using the tube.

where is the tube

Where’s The Tube? : Find the nearest tube, wherever you are.

oysterLondon Oyster Balance: Tells you how much you have left on your oyster to avoid any awkward beeps/ holding up the queue.

Journey history within 30 days. See how much you paid for each leg of your journey.

This can help you save money on travel a big expense most people tend not to track.


Hails a taxi


National Rail Enquiries


Barclays Mobile Banking


Barclays Bikes


Relax and Sleep – White Noise app because London is loud and this will help you sleep.


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