American brands in London

I miss a lot of American products. Most things in the markets here are store brand. Which is often not ideal.

I’ve managed to track down some things. Not others.

IMG_20130208_183105 IMG_20130208_183124

Tesco foods of the world

Tesco American Foods

Selfridges American food

Melbury & Appleton


I would kill for.

  • Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gelcaps (Paracetamol is garbage)
  • NyQuil & DayQuil 12oz liquid (Lemsip is garbage and can’t mixed with other medications)
  • Bisquik pancake mix.
  • Tide with febreze
  • Seasoning Salt (Larrys)

Next time someone visits. I’ll get them to bring some over.

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