Moving to London

Step 1: This is a requirement. In the UK you are not “John Smith” you are a number with out this number you are not really here.


Step 2: This is also requirement. You need an NHS number you must go and register at a local GP. You will not be treated at a hospital unless you have this number and a GP for the hospital to bill. You need to be in a catchment area to go to the hospital or GP you can’t seek treatment outside your area.  If you don’t have an address use someones or ask if you can sign up as a visitor/ guest / NFA.


Step 3: In order to get paid you will need a local bank account. Go to an Barclays branch and sign up for one. Make sure you ask for a debit card because if you don’t they will give you a “cash” card which can only be used in ATMs Which is not really good for anything. (I choose Barclays because it is the only British bank not owned by the government.)


Step 4: Stay in a nice hotel in a quite area to catch up on sleep and recover from jet lag


Step 5: Transportation you will need to get an Oyster card. It works on everything and is the cheapest way to do it. When it runs out of money put more money on it. They are available at all tube stations go to the counter not the machine ask if they have special edition cards . Don’t try to get one at a main station it will take to long.  oyster-card

Step 6: Go to Vodafone buy a phone and a 10 pound freebee plan. You will not stay on this network this is just to get a discount on the device. After the first month you will move to 3. 3 has all you can eat data. You will need this for maps, email, facebook, skype ect. You can use tethering this will allow you to use your phone to connect to your laptop. This is a cheaper then home internet and truly unlimited option with no wait time and it is mobile. You will not need to have the internet at your house it costs more and is not mobile.

Phone recommendation

You can get 40 pounds off if you buy a used one. (Returned to the store in 7 days)

You want the 15 pound one this is the plan you want to be on permanently.

Step 7: House hunting. (Taking a break will finish this post later.)



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